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What to do if you suspect an accidental poisoning or encounter adverse reactions
to any products we have used.

If the matter relates to a person: Seek immediate medical attention and follow all instructions given.

Further useful advice and contacts for Medical Professionals:

Poisons Information Centre

Telephone 24 hour: 0844 892 0111
Web site:

If the matter relates to a pet animal: Seek immediate veterinary attention and follow all instructions given.

Further advice and contacts for Veterinary Surgeons:

Veterinary Poisons Information Service

Telephone 24 hour: 0207 188 0200
Web site:

In all cases: You will be asked to try and identify what you think caused the problem. The name/s of the products we have used in your treatment should be clearly identified on the copy of the job sheet given to you by our technician


Unconscious If the person is unconscious, having trouble breathing or having convulsions.
ACT FAST! Speed is crucial.
First Aid Give necessary first aid immediately.
Call 999 Call 999
If possible, have someone else call for emergency help
Conscious If the person is awake or conscious, not having trouble
breathing and not having convulsions . . .
Obtain Name Obtain name(s) of products used - identified on job sheet overleaf
Medical Attention Seek immediate medical attention
Follow Instructions Follow all instructions given.